Keto Retreat Speaker Topics Posted!

Hi Everyone!

Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and we’ll all be surrounded with candy, pies, Christmas baking, and rich holiday foods. How do you maintain healthy eating habits during the holidays? At the Keto Retreat in Kingston on December 1st, our Speakers will address these topics directly, along with other topics that will help us all gain more knowledge about healthy eating and life-style. And remember, knowledge is power!

Here are the speakers and their topics:

  • Megan Ramos: Fasting & Feasting Before, During, & After the Holidays
  • Dr. Bishop & Tiia Bishop: Maintaining Your Lifestyle During the Holidays Including Dealing with Chaos and Saboteurs
  • Amy Berger: Keto Fixed Everyone Else; Why Am I Still Struggling? & Introduction to the Personal Fat Threshold Concept

More details on each Speaker’s topic is available on the Speakers’ Topics page.

If you haven’t yet registered for the Kingston Keto Retreat, there is still time. Visit the Registration page for instructions on how to register.



Wendy Moore
Keto-Retreat Kingston 2018

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