The Keto Box Lunch Menu Has Been Posted!

Our Keto Retreat schedule for Saturday, December 1st, is packed with 4 great Speakers! In order to maximize our time with the Speakers, we’ve only allocated 45 minutes for lunch so you are encouraged to bring your own or pre-purchase one of our Keto Box Lunches. The Box Lunch Menu is available here.

If you have already registered without the Box Lunch and would like to add it, just email me for instructions on how to do that. I am only going to order the amount of lunches that are pre-paid. There will not be the option to buy your box lunch at the conference. There is a small restaurant at the Ambassdor that has some Keto options. Reservations are recommended if you want to go there for lunch.

There are several food options close to the hotel if you have a car that you could easily get to if you want to leave the hotel at lunch or any other time:

  • Tim Horton’s: 3 minutes west
  • Starbucks: 3 minutes west
  • Subway: 4 minutes west
  • McDonald’s: 5 minutes west
  • Loblaws: 8 minutes west
  • Food Basics: 3 minutes east

We are also planning to create some informal discussion groups during lunch. For example, if you want to discuss Fasting with other conference attendees at lunch time, we will designate an area where you can gather to do that. These are totally optional and there will also be spaces with no discussion if you prefer to eat your lunch without discussion. Some topics we are considering:

  • Fasting
  • Keto & Vegetarian/Vegan Diets
  • Keto Baking
  • Keto for Health

If you have a topic suggestion, or if you would like to vote on a particular topic, you can do that on our Facebook page.

I am grateful for all the shares, likes, and comments we’ve received so far. Seeing other people succeed with this way of eating is why I organized this retreat. Your help in continuing to spread the word is greatly appreciated.



Wendy Moore
Keto-Retreat Kingston 2018

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