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What We Changed and What We Kept the Same After the Perth Keto Retreat

Hi Everyone,

We’re a month away from the Kingston Keto Retreat happening on Saturday, December 1st. In case you’re not aware, I’m fairly new to the event planning world. The Kingston Keto Retreat will be the second event that I’ve planned. My first event was the Perth Keto Retreat held in mid-September.

The Perth Retreat was not only a huge success but a wonderful learning experience for me. When I first envisioned holding a Keto event, I had no idea if anybody would come! But I was sure that there was a demand for an event like this, so I picked a small venue that held 100 people (that seemed like so many!), paid the deposit out of my own pocket, and crossed my fingers that I could attract a small fraction of the huge Keto community that I was sure was out there. And you came through!

By the weekend of the Retreat, we had sold out and had 16 people on the waiting list! But planning the retreat was just the first stage. Actually running the retreat turned out to be a whole separate project!

So why would I want to run another Keto Retreat and so soon? It’s because I loved doing it and because of the feedback I received from both the attendees, the potential attendees that couldn’t attend that weekend for whatever reason, and the Speakers. Everyone said that there was a huge need for events like this in Canada, so I said, OK! Let’s do it again!

I want to make special mention here of the volunteers that helped with the Perth event. I put out a call for help about 2 weeks prior to the Perth Retreat, and I was overwhelmed at the response. I didn’t have enough jobs for everyone who volunteered! Because of them, I was able to delegate a lot of the tasks like parking control, greeters, registration, the book table, and numerous other tasks. This allowed me to focus on the issues that came up and get them resolved quickly. Thank-you again!

The four speakers we had were also terrific. They gave me great feedback and they all wanted to come back for Kingston. That’s one thing that is not changing, our terrific speakers!

Based on our experiences and attendees’ comments, we have made the following changes/improvements for the Kingston event:

  • A bigger venue: The Ambassador Hotel and Conference Centre in Kingston is a professional event hosting venue. It has more than double the capacity of the Perth location
  • One day instead of a weekend: Because of the proximity of the holiday season to the Kingston event, we decided to make this event Saturday only. So there’s no requirement to book a hotel room if you’re within driving distance. This should reduce the cost for the majority of attendees
  • Catered lunches: Because we need to fit all four of our speakers into a single day, we have only allocated 45 minutes for lunch. We are offering Keto Box lunches as an optional add-on to your ticket if you don’t want to search out your lunch in that short amount of time. You can also bring your own lunch, or skip lunch, as you want

But we’re not changing everything. We had some very positive feedback from the Perth attendees. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Everything was well organized and the speakers were awesome. Looking forward to the next one” – Stephaine R.

“I absolutely would come back and recommend this retreat” – Marie A.B.

“LOVED IT! Will come back and bring more people. Would love to have it even bigger” Rachel C.

“Definitely feel part of a larger community now!” – Lynn M.

You can read more feedback on our website. We’ve put up a page that lists the feedback from the Perth Keto Retreat.

With one month left, we still have spaces available in this larger venue. Your help in promoting the Kingston Keto Retreat is appreciated. Please share this event to your social networks and family members that are doing Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, Fasting, or are maybe just interested in learning more. We have a poster on our web page you can download. You can also “Like” our Facebook page and then share our posts.

And if this December 1st date in Kingston doesn’t work for you, never fear! I’ll be sharing information on more Keto Retreats in the works in the new year.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. You can reply to this email or use the Contact Us page on the web site.



Wendy Moore
Keto-Retreat Kingston 2018

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