Amy Berger Has Been Blogging About Her Trips To Canada!

Amy Berger

Amy Berger is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

She is the author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote and is a coveted speaker at Health Conferences and Low Carb/Keto events. She recently spoke at the Keto Retreat held in Perth, Ontario in September 2018, and has agreed to return to Canada for our next Keto Retreat to be held in Kingston, Ontario on December 1, 2018.

Amy regularly blogs about health issues on her website, In the last month she has posted two blog posts about her visits to Canada:

On December 1st, she will be giving two different talks at the Kingston Keto Retreat:

  1. Intro to the Personal Fat Threshold Concept
  2. Keto Fixed Everyone Else; Why Am I Still Struggling?

If you’d like to come hear Amy speak, I hope you’ll join us at the Kingston Keto Retreat.



Wendy Moore
Keto-Retreat Kingston 2018

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