Sponsorship of Keto-Retreat.ca

If you would like to be recognized at our retreat as a leader in modern nutrition, please consider a sponsorship.

This autumn, Ottawa plays host to an important event in Canadian Nutrition Education.

On Saturday, September 21, Keto-Retreat presents some of the world’s most influential speakers in what may be a defining subject in nutrition today: Metabolic Syndrome.

We welcome:
Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Robert Cywes, Amy Berger, Andrea Lombardi and Sally K Norton.

This event is of great interest to those struggling with Type 2 Diabetes, weight problems, inflammation, food sensitivity, eating windows and much more. Local health care specialists will hear about many of the current eating trends and why many of them are not ‘fads’ but sustainable ways of eating.

We are promoting this event through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this web site (http://www.keto- retreat.ca) and our mailing list. As well, all the speakers are forwarding Sept. 21 retreat info to their social media. This retreat is also being promoted in internet health sites around the world. (IDM, Diet Doctor, Keto for Life and more)

Each speech will be professionally filmed with the resulting product made available through our social media.

With this extensive promotion, we are confident that this event and the resulting professional video recording of it will be of interest to many.

Attached are a series of opportunities designed to put your business in the eyes and minds of potential customers. Contact Arthur McGregor at awmcgregor@mac.com to discuss how to take advantage of these opportunities.