Private Consultations

For Registrants to the Kingston Keto Retreat, private consultations will be offered on Sunday, December 2 at the Ambassador Hotel in meeting rooms.

All private consultations are:
30 minutes: $85
60 minutes: $160

Amy Berger

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Amy’s consultations can include:

Helping people get started if they’re brand new to keto/low carb

Troubleshooting for people who are already eating this way and not getting their desired results

Reviewing food journals; guidance/suggestions regarding supplementation (if warranted)

General “pick my brain” sessions — people are welcome to ask whatever questions they have about this way of eating, ketones, insulin, blood sugar, medications, or anything else.

Amy will be available from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

For more info and to register, contact Amy at

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“Incorporating fasting / low carb / keto into your lifestyle”

Jeff McCann

For more info about the IDM consultations,  including the arranging of bookings, email Jeff McCann at

During these consultations, clients are welcome to discuss:

  • Fasting
  • Time restricted eating
  • Incorporating fasting and time restricted eating into their lifestyle,
  • Eating a HFLC (healthy fat/low carb) also known as a Keto diet
  • How to integrate that into a family lifestyle or a whole home/family approach.

We are also happy to discuss any aspect of insulin, blood sugar, metabolic syndrome or any of the other health issues that IDM treats through our fasting protocols as well as troubleshooting weight loss plateaus and discussing the various programs that IDM offers to determine their suitability.

IDM will also apply the full cost of their Sunday consultation to any clients who sign up for a coaching program at the Keto Retreat.

Jeff McCann

Jeff-McCannAvailable from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

Nearly 4 years ago, Jeff joined IDM as an in-clinic patient of Dr. Fung’s working directly with Megan Ramos to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes. Weighing 370lbs with an A1C of 16, Jeff definitely had some work to do. 8 months after meeting Dr. Fung and Megan, Jeff had lost 80lbs and dropped his A1C to 6.0. No longer diabetic, Jeff now works with Megan and the rest of the amazing team at IDM. As a husband and father of a large family, Jeff is not only a Health Educator and fasting expert, but he’s also passionate about integrating the healthy fat, low carb lifestyle into something the entire family can benefit from.