Private Consultations

For Registrants to the Kingston Keto Retreat, private consultations will be offered on Sunday, December 2 at the Ambassador Hotel in two main floor meeting rooms.

Amy Berger and Megan Ramos’ IDM teammates will offer consultations from 9:00am till 5:00 pm


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30 minutes: $85
60 minutes: $160
What consultations can include:
• helping people get started if they’re brand new to keto/low carb
• troubleshooting for people who are already eating this way and not getting their desired results
• reviewing food journals; guidance/suggestions regarding supplementation (if warranted)
• general “pick my brain” sessions — people are welcome to ask whatever questions they have about this way of eating, ketones, insulin, blood sugar, medications…or anything else.
For more info and to register, contact AMY at



IDM Consultants

Jeff McCann  and Andrea Lombardi

Jeff-McCann                   Andrea-Lombardi

“Incorporating fasting / low carb / keto into your lifestyle”

More information posted very soon!