Key points for Speaker’s Presentations


Intro to the Personal Fat Threshold Concept

Learn why:

  • Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic dysregulations occur in people of all shapes and sizes
  • Keto/LCHF diets, fasting, and bariatric surgery often reverse metabolic problems long before significant fat loss has occurred
  • Low fat diets do work for some people (it’s true!)
  • Overweight & obesity may be “protective” against certain metabolic complications

 Keto Fixed Everyone Else; Why am I Still Struggling?

  • A frank & honest conversation about the emotional & psychological aspects of dietary adherence
  • Opening the conversation for those who struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, and other self-sabotage even on keto
  • Tips for changing negative inner monologues that are roadblocks to success
  • Actionable advice to start getting the results you want


  • Should you fast or feast before the holidays?
  • What kind of fasting should you do?
  • Why are time restricted eating windows so important
  • Biggest issues witnessed during the holiday season
  • Are you going to eat carbs?  How do to do safely
  • How to recover from the holidays: feasting
  • How to recover from the holidays: fasting

Dr. Bishop and Tiia

  • Maximize metabolism through the holidays with movement
  • Exercise and stress
  • Exercise and insulin
  • Fat-fueled exercise
  • Strategies to deal with saboteurs
  • Maintaining your lifestyle through the holidays and after
  • Strategies for low carb control through holiday chaos
  • Maneuvering the holidays with mindfulness