Feedback: What Folks Say About Keto-Retreat.

Terrific conference and looking forward to the next one!
Kit T, New London, NH

Loved the energy of the group… exchanged wonderful stories, information and recipes. I definitely feel a part of a larger community now and not quite so alone in my pursuit of healthy living. Thank you, Wendy!
Lynn M., Casselman, ON

You are a genius, Wendy, at bringing everyone together for a great cause. This retreat was so informative and professional. Any conference that we have been to has not been this well run with attention to detail like this one. Thank you!
Dianne R., Hamilton, ON

So well done! All speakers were amazing. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you for all of your hard work.
Angela A., Kingston, ON

I would like to thank you for a tremendously successful and enlightening event. What a fantastic day it was! It reinforced my commitment to myself, gave me new tools and made me feel a part of a larger community. We realize how much work is involved in putting this kind of conference together and you did a magnificent job. I enjoyed hearing all of the laughter around me. That room was bursting with positive vibes. Your whole team was very inspirational. We will be registering for your next retreat. 
Christine S., Ottawa, ON

Just enjoyed myself SO much. Thank you for organizing this!
Wendy O., Brighton, ON

Very enjoyable. A great day. Please do this again and thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work.
Lorraine and David S., Kingston, ON
Loved it! Looking forward to my keto journey.
Kelly A., Harrowsmith, ON

Great job Wendy (and team). And a very strong panel of interesting and engaging speakers.
Lynda M., Kingston, ON

I’m so thankful that you’re doing this. It was a long drive from Toronto but worth it. We are sorely lacking these events in Canada. Thank you for filling the gap. This is only going to grow!
Shawna W., Toronto, ON

LOVED IT! Will come back and bring more people. Would love to have it even bigger next year!
Rachel C., Ottawa, ON

Extremely well organized and very, very professional. Perfect! 
Ed R., Plevna, ON

Everything was excellent! Very glad I came. Thanks, Wendy, for all of your hard work.
Richard S., Erin, ON

Thank you for a lovely event. I’m so glad I attended. I got to meet such wonderful folks and the speakers were dynamic! I will definitely attend other events that you organize. 
Ruth H., Montreal, QC