A Message from Wendy Moore

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all doing okay and maybe even better than that during this strange and life changing time. 

I haven’t posted anything on our Keto-Retreat website or Facebook page in a while figuring that everyone is inundated with emails and all sorts of information these days.

That being said, folks have been asking me if there are any plans going forward for another Keto-Retreat.

We were all set to launch our new website (thank you David Schmidt!) just days before the pandemic was announced.  We had planned for our next Ottawa Keto-Retreat to happen the weekend of September 19th and 20th, 2020.

Then world chaos happened and we put things on hold.

We are considering a few options for going forward with our Keto-Retreat and hope to announce plans soon.

As many of you know, as well as founding and organizing Keto-Retreat events, my husband Arthur and I are also professional musicians.  

We’re not front line workers but we’re doing our bit by self isolating, staying home and shopping only every few weeks.  We stay in touch with family and friends … all helping each other as best and as we can under the circumstances.  

Wanting to do more to help, Arthur and I came up with an idea of offering our music to anyone it might help.

If you or a loved one or a friend would like to hear a live song to make you feel better…something soothing, uplifting, reflective or funny during this strange and formidable time, please let me know.  

Arthur and I are happy to volunteer to perform a live song on Zoom and/or we can send you a link to one of our recorded songs. Please contact me at wendy@keto-retreat.ca if you are interested. 

Wishing you wellness, health and as much happiness as is possible during this challenging time.

p.s. Here’s our new song, Thank You All,  that we just wrote and recorded as a tribute to our front line workers.   https://soundcloud.com/mooremcgregor/thank-you-all-1
Yes, we want to thank you all! 🙂 

p.p.s. For anyone who would like to talk with me about how their Keto journey is going…. struggles and/or successes… please do.  I’d love to hear how you’re doing. Just email me and I’d be happy to have a phone chat or correspond by email:  wendy@keto-retreat.ca